Saturday, March 22, 2014

I'm leaving!

Finally, I’ve got what I wished for…a TRANSFER. I didn’t apply for it after my appeal was rejected but somehow a month later there come a letter stating I will be transferred..Yeay! I was among the selected few. Thank God!

I was posted and work at the same place for 7 years. I guess I was too comfortable after all these years. I have a lot of friends there. I felt like home. I had a laidback lifestyle. Everything was fine but I felt empty. I can do anything I like but it’s just doesn’t feel right. There’s something missing. I realized I need new challenges, I need to improve myself, I have a lot to offer. Staying in the same place for too long won’t make me any good. I want to be better than yesterday. I want a fresh working environment. I want to serve a “real” leader so I can learn more from the leader, guiding me to reach my limit. I want someone to point my mistake so I can learn to be correct. Not just to say yes to whatever I do and let me do it as I may…without any suggestion to improve my work.

I prefer the feeling of satisfaction of working rather than dissatisfaction. I prefer quality rather than quantity. I prefer action rather than M.I.A (missing in action). I’m not good in what I do and I still learning the method to be good. I’m craving for satisfaction, quality and action. Hopefully, my new workplace will have much more to offer and surely adventurous.    

To all my colleagues, time flies so fast. It feels like yesterday that I see you all walk in one by one and then moving out one after another. I’m grateful with our friendship and will cherish it all my life.  Some contended with their work but for some they come for salary. Yes, it is fun to work in a small environment but I hope you can turn that small environment into a ‘respected’ institution, not just a place to collect your salary. Sharing responsibility is good but don’t misuse it. Remember, actions speak louder than words.   

Lastly, I apologize to anyone that is hurt by my actions all this while. Please forgive my mistake and let’s turn a new leaf after my transfer. I wish you all the best hopefully I’ll see you soon. Adios…

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