Sunday, June 29, 2014

Damn it!

How do you feel when something that you love/treasure the most is broken? Suck right? Yeah, it happens every now and then throughout our life. I just found out that my lovely CAR is scratched and dented! Arrrgghh!! How did it happen? I’m not sure when but I think it happened last week. How frustrating I was when I was washing my car and suddenly wallaa…sigh..

felt like a punch to my stomach...

I know it’s just a car but I just BOUGHT it! Hmmm…things happen for a reason. I don’t want to blame anyone but next time around, NOBODY is allowed to drive my car. Thank you!!

 p/s: Germany is going to win tomorrow morning. Sorry Algeria… Germany for World Cup!

FYI, my car is scratched and dented while my knee is crooked too...huh

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