Monday, July 28, 2014

Batman vs Superman

I should have finished some of my work tonight but there’s a big issue that I need to address first; to find footage of Superman vs Batman!! Sadly, Warner Bros has taken down all the videos in YouTube! Huh! The only video that I found is from perezhilton…frustrating? Absolutely!

Zack Snyder, Ben Afleck(looks like nobody is complaining his role as Batman after watching the footage), Henry Cavill and Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman!!) 

Zack Snyder has prepared a glimpse of his movie and it’s going to rock the whole world in 2016. It shows Batman and Superman staring each other on rooftop. It was epic! 2016 seems waaaayyyy to long and hopefully there be more teasers by the end of this year…sigh 

Here’s a description of the footage

Set at night, in pouring rain, it begins on a rooftop with Ben Affleck's Batman – in souped-up armour much like he wields in Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns, including glowing eyes – pulling a tarpaulin off the Batsignal. It shines into the sky, and then – illuminated against the clouds, flecked with lightning, standing inside the symbol, is Henry Cavill's Superman. And he does not look happy, his eyes glowing red with burgeoning heat vision ray.
The camera tracks in on Batman's face as he grimaces... and cut to black. No dialogue at this point, so there's no idea of what Affleck sounds like as Batman, or indeed a wider sense of the story, but the message is clear: Clark and Bruce are going to face off, and Bruce has enhanced his Batsuit to compensate for the most powerful man alive.


Wonderful Wonder Woman

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